What PAYMENT OPTIONS do you offer?


We offer two forms of automatic debit payment,  Visa or Master Card payments as well as automatic debit directly through your banking account (checking or savings). To update your billing information, simply login to your account and choose the "Billing & Payments" link.

  • Your tuition payment¬†will be¬†debited¬†each month.
  • Group lessons are $72 a month to come once a week.
  • Semi-privates are $104 a month to come once a week.
  • Privates are $160 a month to come once a week.
  • We have no registration or membership fee.
  • We offer a $10 multiple class and/or multiple child discount and U.S. military vet discount.
  • We ask for a 30-day notice to end your class. Please send an¬†email to the office.
  • Classes are prorated at a per lesson rate if you start or end in the middle of a month.
  • The number of classes will vary between three to five classes per month. As a year-round swim school, we average out the monthly cost for the year so that each payment is the same, opposed to a variable payment changing with the number of classes each month. (Holiday closures have already been accounted for in the payments, no need for make ups.)
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