What Our Clients Say

Amanda J. Southbury

I wanted to extend my gratitude to you guys. I am so very impressed at how much she has learned in the last couple of years.  I recommend your swim school to anyone that shows interest in signing their kid up. Thank you all for teaching both of my girls how to be confident swimmers!

Liz P. Southbury

My son Daniel is becoming very comfortable with his teacher Miss Morgan. She is kind, gentle and patient. She takes her time with him and I am seeing progress weekly. Daniel really looks forward to his session. Please pass this along to her that I am really happy with having her as Daniel's instructor.

Elizabeth B. Newtown

The boys love Colleen!  And, we can totally see the difference in their comfort level with the water and my whole family is very impressed:)

Kerry B. Southbury

My son started lessons as a 10 year old and, because of good instruction and lots of encouragement, was able to advance to a level he was proud of rather quickly. He's much more confident in the water now and we feel comfortable with his swim ability, finally! Thank you for your support and teaching! We appreciate it!

Leslie P. Watertown

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the swim classes with Colleen. It has been amazing to see how much my little guy improves week to week. She is so calm and clear and patient; as an early childhood educator myself I just wanted to let you know that your program totally lives up to all the hype and I really appreciate her developmentally appropriate practices!

Amy H. Waterbury

My son swims with Mary at the Crowne. She is an amazing teacher and has done wonders already with him who is very reluctant. Thank you for all your help. All our kids love to swim because of Noah's Ark Swim School!

Bernadette L. Sand Hook

The whole family is so impressed with how my kids are in the water and it is all thanks to you and your teachers. Next year we sign the baby up!

Sona K. Middlebury

I just wanted to let you know that Sara had so much fun yesterday, the instructor was wonderful! I am so happy that we found you. I will look into enrolling my little one who is two and a half year old.

Donna T. Oxford

We just wanted to thank you for making it fun for Dylan and working with him. He has come a long way from his first class because of you and your teaching methods! He loves how you joke and learning via games. We hope to sign up both boys with you for additional lessons in the Fall!

Karla S. Wolcott

We are moving. I am sorry we won't get more lessons with you; I love what you do with the kids! I was hoping we would find a Noah's Ark near us! Going to your swim lessons are my bribe for both kids to behave during the week.

Amanda D. Waterbury

Our first two classes have been great, thank you for the program, he's really enjoying it! As a parent I am very impressed by the instructors incredible patience and ability to redirect these little kids who tend to be very busy and easily distracted.  At the end of each class my son gave me a big hug and said that was great Mom, thanks so much for my swimming lessons!!  I can see how much he looks forward to coming and has enjoyed it so far.  I have been telling my friends/coworkers as well because we really do enjoy your program, my son looks forward to it each week.  I'm not sure what other advertising you do but if you have cards/pamphlets/fliers let me know and I will gladly distribute them to our daycare friends/job sites to get the word out on your swim school.Thanks again

Angie M. Oxford

I was able to take Lucia to class this am. I haven't seen her swim class since September since I am a teacher. I am so amazed by her progress. She's a little underwater fish!

Lauren D. Southbury

I want to let you know that my daughter loves her class and her teacher, Colleen. She can't wait to swim every week. We went on vacation last week and all she wanted to do was practice her swimming. We are so very happy with the program!

Nicole H. Woodbury

Kylie will no longer be taking lessons from Noah Ark, she has made the Watertown Swim team and is very excited about it! Thank you so much for all the years of lessons, they have paid off. She is LOVING the swim team!  She's doing very well....her strongest and best stroke is the Back Stroke. She misses Noah's Ark.

Janell P. Middlebury

Both kids got lessons through camp this summer, but we all miss Noah's Ark because it teaches better and is much more fun.

Kristen L. Middlebury

Emily was amazing with my daughter today - Abby went from being hesitant to put her feet in the water in June to swimming underwater today - I can't thank you enough for this program - looking forward to fall classes!!

Kate D. Middlbury

Annie and Maggie have grown leaps and bounds and have LOVED class each week!

Alex P. Southbury

I wanted to take a minute and give you some feedback on the swim school. My child loves it and he is gaining confidence and learning to swim. He looks forward to it every week, and we are very happy with his results.

I also wanted to briefly comment on how well you run your business. Offering the possibility of make-up classes takes the pressure out of the activity for the parents. Gone are the days where we say, "Oh, he can't go, he has swim." We end up missing only one class every two months or so, but we never feel suckered. This shows that you understand the parents as well as the kids, and we appreciate it. Please keep up the great work.

Jennie P. Bethlehem

My girls love their swim lessons with Emma.

Christine R. Sandy Hook

We would like to extend our genuine thanks for all your great work with Evan since Sept. He was timid at first. You gave him a safe environment, showed him how to stay on the steps, exit the pool, trust his instructor, have fun, etc. We are so impressed with how you address the individual needs of kids in the group and we see each one has grown at their own pace. We are so grateful. Thank you! P.S.Evan says he'll miss you

Tammie G. Southbury

My son started group classes today and I liked it so much, I was able to find a time slot for my younger son. Thanks so much! What a wonderful program. :)

Laura B. Thomaston

Since joining Noah's Ark, Henderson has developed an absolute love of the water. He literally squirms with excitement, the second we enter the pool area. He is ridiculously confident in the water and that is thanks to the excellent teaching of Kevin and Colleen. They are personable and guide the parents, while being spot on with the children. I recommend the school to anyone who will listen and the only thing stopping them is full classes!

Tania D. Woodbury

The girl's swimming has improved so much this summer with Ms. Mary.  Thank you so much for such a great program!

Abi M. Southbury

Henry has really been enjoying his class with Miss Mary. We're really happy with the progress he's made this summer.

Martha L. Southbury

As always, thanks for all you do! Andrew is really improving his swimming and loves it!

Jauneen has been a phenomenal teacher and we love the program.

Joanna S. Bethlehem

Olive really enjoys the class, and I was impressed with Miss Jeanine's creative ways with the students.

Kate S. Middlebury

Both of the kids love swimming and adore you, Colleen, and Mary, we can't thank you enough for all you have done!

Megan A. Southbury

We love Noah's Ark Swim School! Our 1st class with Colleen was great! Both of my kids thought she was really fun and loved the class. It's a really nice change from our last swimming lesson experience. Thanks!

Jessica L. Southbury

Noah's Ark Swim School is by far the best around.  The personal attention and fun environment had my kids swimming like fish in no time.


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