For 1st graders and up this program will bring students from the fear of the unknown to a 1/2 mile swim with all competitive strokes. Students will gain confidence through our focus on the foundations of movement in the aquatic environment. Levels I and II have a maximum of 4 students in each class, levels III - V maximum 5.

Flippers I

For kids who aren't ready for Flippers II but are already beyond Fins III.  Click here to find open Flippers Level I classes.

Flippers II

For students who have achieved 5-7 second submersion without hesitation and horizontal balanced position face down . Student must be relaxed in back position with little assistance.  Click here to find open Flippers Level II classes.

Flippers III

For students proficient in rolling onto their back for a breath. Student must be able to maintain horizontal balanced position while getting breath in deeper water.  Click here to find open Flippers Level III classes.

Flippers IV

For students able to swim multiple laps freestyle and backstroke.  Click here to find open Flippers Level IV classes.



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